Red Dwarf wants in on the LEGO Dimensions party

Cult British sci-fi series Doctor Who could be joined by one of its big cultural compatriots in Warner’s LEGO Dimension series.

Dimensions designer Joe Moore has tweeted a picture of an in-game version of Lister’s quarters as featured in the latest series of Red Dwarf.

Sadly, there’s no indication yet that Red Dwarf itself is going to get the full licensed treatment and a starring role alongside the Doctor. Twitter users have instead speculated that perhaps the room will feature as a hidden area in Dimension’s free roam mode, while other online rumours have pointed to it as a secret inclusion in this week’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them story pack.

As Eurogamer points out, there is currently a physical LEGO Red Dwarf set at the official review stage on the community Ideas site. That’s precisely where Doctor Who’s ELGO journey began, so anything remains possible.

The boys from the Dwarf have been the recipient of the full game treatment, however, with Red Dwarf XI: The Game hitting mobile a few weeks ago.

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