Remedy ‘baffled’ by fanboy fury over Quantum Break PC release

The creative director of Quantum Break says gamer anger over console exclusives leaves him baffled.

Remedy announced in February that its upcoming Xbox One title was no-longer exclusive to the platform, and would also be coming to PC.

This resulted in a backlash amongst a section of fans who felt that the decision to release the title on PC devalued the Xbox One.

It baffled me,” said Remedy’s Sam Lake. We were pushing for the PC version along the way. It’s always good news to make our creations available for a potentially wider audience. That to me was what it was.”

I do kind of understand the reaction, stepping back and thinking about it. People are very passionate and have a feeling of ownership on their chosen platform. That passion is very important to us because when people are passionate they are willing to spread the word. I understand and appreciate that. But sometimes it can turn into negativity.

He added: Phil Spencer was recently saying positive things about Uncharted 4 and there was a negative reaction saying: ‘He’s saying that because Xbox is losing the console war’. But that reaction baffles me. As a creator of games, the more great games that are out there the better.

"I’m a big fan of Naughty Dog’s work. Why can’t I say that just because we have been working with Microsoft for many years? I’ve been really happy and have an amazing relationship with Xbox, but am also really looking forward to Uncharted 4.”

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