Report: Money generated in Steam Summer Sale up 43% year-on-year

Consumers spent $68m more in this year’s Steam Summer Sale than 2015’s.

That’s according to analytics site Steam Spy on Twitter (below), which claims that gamers spent $228m compared with last year’s $160m. That’s a 42.5 per cent increase.

Note that Steam Spy figures – by its own admission – are not 100 per cent accurate, but give an idea of how the Summer Sale went.

The site also reports that 4m more games were sold. In 2015, 33m were shifted; this year that figure rises to 37m.

All of which pales in comparison to the Winter Sale, which generated in the region of$270m.

Steam Spy has also looked into which games were the most popular during this year’s Summer Sale.

The top dog was Playdead’s Limbo, which shifted 1.1m units. During this period, a follow-up to that game, Inside, launched and Limbo was in fact free for a time.

Second place goes to Payday 2, selling 509,603 units ahead of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with 504,410 copies sold.

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