Report: Next Xbox to interact with cable boxes

As things progress towards Microsoft’s eventual announcement of the next Xbox, new info has reportedly spilled out regarding cable box integration and Kinect eye movement detection.

Citing sources familiar with the upcoming console, The Verge reports that the hardware functions by passing a cable box signal through HDMI. This will allow consumer’s systems to stack user interface features on top of already existing ones.

According to the report, the features will require a constant internet connection in order to access them. Microsoft has already partnered with several content providers and will continue to offer support for other related services going forward.

It’s also revealed in the same report that the next generation Kinect sensor will be able to detect eye movement. For instance, a user only needs to turn their head to pause a game or video. The sensor will be able to detect multiple people at the same time as well.

Microsoft has refused to comment on the report, but an official reveal of the console is reportedly planned for next month.

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