Reports claim League of Legends’ EU LCS is to split into regional tournaments

According to reports, League of Legends European League Championship Series is to be converted into regional leagues. What’s more, there will be no more relegation. 

Currently 10 teams from across Europe compete in the EU LCS, with the lowest placing teams getting relegated. According to this report from ESPN, there will now be four regions: London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. Each will have their own six teams, meaning 24 competitors. Each will be granted a multi-year license to compete from Riot Games. 

Over this, there will be a league comprising of the top two teams from each region which will run at the same time as the regional leagues. This league will consist of 16 teams and will be a full tournament of its own right all the way through from group stages to double elimination playoffs. Win this higher league and you can snag Championship Points to qualify for Worlds, League of Legends biggest tournament. 

This doesn’t mean all change in the EU LCS, but all teams will have to declare their home regions. 

Riot recently opened an office in London, which would make sense if they were looking to move to this decentralised format, and the concept of a higher league fits with an already well established European sporting tradition: football’s Champions League. 

We’ve reached out to Riot for confirmation or comment, but at the time of print haven’t received a response. 

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