Resident Evil 7: Everything you need to know, release date, price, season pass, merchandise and pre-order deals

It’s been four years since we last sunk our teeth into a numbered Resident Evil game, but the latest entry in Capcom’s survival horror series, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, is finally just a few short weeks away from release.

After the glut of big winter releases in 2016, it’s more or less the only major launch we’ll see before the end of January, and the game’s renewed focus on horror and tense puzzle-solving will no doubt come as welcome relief to all those overworked trigger fingers borne out of last year’s deluge of Q4 shooters.

To help you prepare for Resident Evil 7’s release, we’ve rounded up everything we know about the game so far, including prices, release date, sales expectations, pre-order bonuses and what kind of merchandise you can expect to be sold alongside it.

Resident Evil 7 release date and formats

Resident Evil 7 is launching on PS4, Xbox One and PC on January 24th 2017. The PS4 version will also support Sony’s PSVR headset, and the entire game playable will be playable in virtual reality. Microsoft has also confirmed that Resident Evil 7 will support a cross-save feature between Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of the game.

What is Resident Evil 7?

Resident Evil 7 is the latest entry in Capcom’s long-running survival horror franchise. Known as Bio Hazard in Japan, Resident Evil defined the genre as we know it today, with the Resident Evil 4 setting a new benchmark for third-person shooters.

The Resident Evil series first launched on PlayStation in 1996, but has since branched out to almost every platform available. The franchise as a whole also encompasses several spin-off titles such as the multiplayer-based Mercenaries games, the tactical shooter Umbrella Corps, and multiple books, films and comics.

Since the release of Resident Evil 5, the series started veering away from its survival horror roots, leaning more heavily on its shooter elements and incorporating big action set pieces. Resident Evil 7, on the other hand, looks to be a return to form for the franchise. Developed and published by Capcom, not only does it utilise a first-person perspective for a more immersive experience, but it’s also the first Resident Evil game to be fully playable in virtual reality, with the Beginning Hour demo that’s currently available on PS4 providing plenty of scares for those after a taste of what’s to come.

Players will still have plenty of weapons at their disposal to dispatch the hordes of undead, but solving puzzles will also form a major part of progressing through the story. Set four years after the events of Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 7 takes players to the deep south of modern day Louisiana, putting them in the shoes of new character Ethan Winters as he searches for his missing wife in a derelict plantation mansion.

Resident Evil sales history and expectations at a glance

Capcom has high hopes for Resident Evil 7, with the company telling MCV it’s aiming for 4 million Day One sales worldwide.

That might sound like an ambitious target for a company whose previous big Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 6, has only been reported as having lifetime sales of 6.3 million copies worldwide as of September 30th 2015 – a figure it took three years to achieve after its initial launch in October 2012 and which falls well short of Capcom’s initial estimate of 7 million copies worldwide by the end of March 2013 – but it’s not entirely unreasonable given the series’ past performance.

Indeed, Capcom announced it had shipped 4.5 million copies of Resident Evil 6 worldwide the day after it released in 2012, making it the highest shipment figure the company has ever seen. Resident Evil 5 also shipped "more than 4 million copies" worldwide when it launched in March 2009, which then rose to 5 million in June of the same year.

Resident Evil 7 prices

At time of writing, GAME‘s physical pre-order prices for Resident Evil 7 stand at:

  • 44.99 for PS4 and Xbox One
  • 34.99 for PC
  • 49.99 for PC download

There’s also a PS4 and Xbox One Steelbook edition available for 54.99. In addition to a fancy case, GAME’s Steelbook Edition comes with bonus Survival Pack: Action Set DLC. This includes four packs of 44 mag ammo, one special grenade, one lock pick, one solid fuel, one gunpowder and one herb. Players will also be able to unlock Madhouse Mode straight away.

GAME is also offering a Collector’s Edition of Resident Evil 7 for 99.99. This doesn’t actually come with a copy of the game, but customers will be able to bag themselves a Mansion Replica Collectible, a 20th anniversary artbook, five lithographs, a USB dummy finger, alternative box inlay and the same Survival Pack: Action Set DLC outlined above.

Meanwhile, Amazon‘s pre-order prices are as follows:

  • 42.74 for PS4 and Xbox One boxed
  • 26.00 for PC (disc)
  • 52.99 for Xbox One download code
  • 69.99 for Xbox One Deluxe download code (includes season pass)
  • 24.99 for Xbox One season pass download code

Tesco‘s boxed copy prices match those of Amazon. Sainsburys has yet to open pre-orders.

Meanwhile, Argos‘s pre-order prices currently sit at 44.99 for Xbox One and PS4 and 44.99 for PC. All prices are for boxed copies of the game.

ShopTo is also selling the standard versions of the game at the following prices:

  • 42.85 for PS4 and Xbox One boxed
  • 26.86 for PC boxed
  • 24.85 for PS4 Season Pass (digital)

Likewise, ShopTo is also selling a range of Resident Evil VII-related merchandise, including an assortment of official t-shirts, the official 4D Candle and an official snapback cap (see below).

Digital versions of Resident Evil 7 will also be available direct from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store and Steam.

PlayStation Store:

  • 49.99 for Standard Edition (includes custom PS4 theme)
  • 52.99 for Day One Survival Edition (includes a custom PS4 theme and the Recovery Set DLC)
  • 69.99 for Deluxe Edition (includes Season Pass and all content from Day One Edition)

Xbox Games Store:

  • 52.99 for Standard Edition
  • 69.99 for Deluxe Edition (includes Season Pass and Recovery Set DLC)


  • 39.99 for Standard Edition
  • 64.98 for Deluxe Edition (includes Season Pass)

Resident Evil 7 season pass

The Season Pass for Resident Evil VII has now been outlined on the game’s Steam page. All content will be made available by December 31st 2017 and will include additional story content and two volumes of ‘Banned Footage.’

The first Banned Footage volume will include three extra episodes entitled Nightmare, Bedroom and Ethan Must Die, while Banned Footage Vol.2 will add another three episodes to the fold called 21, Daughters and Jack’s 55th Birthday.

The additonal story chapter will round off the game’s Season Pass offerings, but it’s not yet confirmed what it will be called or at what point in the year it will be released. As mentioned above, the Deluxe Edition of Resident Evil VII on Steam (which includes the Season Pass) will cost 64.98.

Resident Evil 7 merchandise

If you’re after Resident Evil 7 merchandise to sell alongside the game, online retailer Merchoid has a range of officially licensed Resident Evil 7 merchandise available, encompassing shirts, hoodies and jumpers inspired by the game.

The collection includes both Resident Evil 7 designs and more general designs from the series’ history to celebrate Resident Evil’s 20th anniversary.

There are eight items in total, consisting of one hoodie, one sweater and six t-shirts (see right). Each item is available to pre-order now. All items will start shipping in mid-January in time for the game’s release.

T-shirts start at 17.99, the jumper costs 32.99 and the hoodie is 39.99.

Merchoid’s Community Manager Jessica Adams said, "The new Resident Evil game looks to be the most horrifying yet. We’re sure fans will want to welcome it in by picking up some incredible Resident Evil merchandise.Don’t worry though, the prices aren’t scary."

Merchoid is one of the leading online geek culture retailers, and specialises in video games, movies and TV merchandise. It sells apparal, toys, figures and plushies, as well as home and office items and gadgets.

Numskull has also recently opened pre-orders for an official Resident Evil 7 "4D" Blood, Sweat and Fears candle. The candle has been primarily designed with VR users in mind, allowing players to experience the grotesque smells and general ambience of the Baker Mansion while immersed in virtual reality. The candle costs 10 and is rated to burn for 25 hours – enough time for a complete playthrough of the game.

Apart from the obvious hazards of burning a candle while using a VR headset, the candle is expected to ship on January 20th in time for the game’s launch. Just make sure you have a fire extinguisher at the ready.

"This Official 4D candle is specifically tailored to the game and will help make you feel like you’re actually standing in the abandoned plantation house, to enhance the gaming experience," said Stefano Barolo of Capcom.

There will also be an official Resident Evil VII snapback cap available to buy. Available from Numskull along with the candle, the one-size-fits-all cap has an adjustable strap and flat brim snapback that’s adorned with a blood-stained hand print. ShopTo is also selling it for 13.85.

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