Resident Evil films set to surpass $1bn at global box office

The Resident Evil film franchise is set to pass global box office figures of $1bn this weekend, making it the most successful video game to film franchise to date, according to Deadline.

The franchise has made $954m so far, and Deadline states that Sony’s estimating the latest and final Resident Evil film, The Final Chapter, will make upwards of $80m as it opens across Korea, France, the UK and Brazil this weekend, tipping it over the $1bn mark.

The Final Chapter has already grossed $35m in Japan, where it opened at No.1 on December 23rd 2016. It’s also had the highest-ever debut for a Resident Evil film in Japan, grossing $9.65m. That’s 112 per cent over what Resident Evil: Retribution made at its debut, and over 110 per cent over Afterlife.

At the moment, Afterlife has been the highest grossing Resident Evil film to date, earning $296m globally. It’s also the fourth highest-grossing video game to film adaptation to date. Ahead of it are Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, which has grossed $336m, The Angry Birds Movie at $349m, and Warcraft, which leads the pack with $433m.

Retribution is the next highest-grossing Resident Evil film at $240m and the sixth highest grossing game to film adaptation to date, while Resident Evil: Extinction comes in 11th place overall with $147m.

Josh Greenstein, president of worldwide marketing and distribution at Sony Pictures told Deadline: Resident Evilis an event film internationally… It’s been five years since the last film, and the global fanbase has been eagerly anticipating its return.Screen Gemshas created the highest-grossing video game-based franchise of all time. We look forward to a strong rollout.”

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter currently has a 41 per cent freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 54 on Metacritic. While not brilliant scores by any means, these are actually the highest ratings the franchise has ever received on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter comes out this week on February 3rd in the UK

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