Resident Evil: Revelations and ‘Circle Pad Pro’ arrive on January 27th

Resident Evil: Revelations will release for the 3DS in Europe on January 27th along with the new ‘Circle Pad Pro’ accessory.

The circle pad pro device adds functionality to the handheld, with a second analogue control added via a large attachment, but was nevertheless controversial when announced earlier in the year.

It was designed specifically so that games like Revelations had dual analogue control. The basic 3DS has only one analogue pad.

Revelations, which supports the Circle Pad Pro, will be available as either a single game, or in a bundle with the attachment,
Revelations is set between Resi 4 and 5, and includes single player campaign, co-op ‘Raid’

Nintendo says the game is "a true return to classic Resident Evil survival horror gameplay" – it is co-publishing the Capcom-developed title.

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