Resistance 3 hints at PSN Pass

Sony could be launching an new online feature entitled PlayStation Network Pass over the next couple of months.

A logo for the PSN Pass was spotted on an image of a German Resistance 3 bundle, which features the game and a 320GB model of the PS3. According to the image – posted on German gaming forum Konsolentreff – the PSN Pass Network features [will only be] available in countries that have PlayStation Store”.

Its inclusion in the Resistance 3 bundle suggests the PSN Pass will go live in September, perhaps coinciding with the FPS’ September 9th release date. This being the case, Sony is likely to provide details of this new service at Gamescom in August.

As to what the PSN Pass is, speculation suggests it could be similar to the Online Pass used by EA, THQ, Codemasters and other publishers. This system essentially locks certain content, usually multiplayer-based, in second-hand copies of a game until players purchase an unlock code online.

Alternatively, it could be similar to the Rockstar Pass or Mortal Kombat Season Pass, granting better access to forthcoming DLC.

Image Credit: Konsolentreff

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