Respawn making sci-fi shooter?

With the expected big time E3 announcement” from Jason West And Vince Zampella’s new studio Respawn failing to materialise, the guessing game surrounding the developer’s huge summer blockbuster” continues.

But industry analyst Michael Pachter reckons that the studio is not in fact planning to take on Activision in the crowded war-sim FPS market and is instead planning an assault on the sci-fi genre currently bossed by Microsoft’s Halo.

One genre that hasn’t been cloned a lot is the space shooter,” he stated on his Pach Attack show. I’m going to make the prediction that ex-Infinity Ward guys, Respawn Entertainment, will make a Halo killer, a game which will take the form of a space shooter.”

It’s not the first time that West and Zampella have been linked to the sci-fi genre, and it’s logical to assume that their freeing from Activision’s shackles could see them want to tread a new path.

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