Retail dismayed by £500 Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is too expensive and lacking in must-have games, UK stores have warned.

But VR is an exciting new area for the global games market and, in time, Oculus Rift could still emerge as the market leader.

MCV contacted leading games stores following the news that the first Oculus Rift units would arrive at the end of March for 500 – including an Xbox One controller and two games: EVE Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale.

It’s too expensive. We were expecting 299, maximum,” said one senior buyer at a leading High Street chain.

And where are the games? The concept is exciting but no-one has shown a game that works.”

Another chain wouldn’t comment because it didn’t want to discuss products that weren’t easily accessible by the vast majority of gamers. Another commentator believes that it was ‘weird’ to launch the Rift without the Oculus Touch controller.

However, stores remain optimistic about the prospects of VR.

It is very exciting and new,” said another games boss. PlayStation VR is in the strongest position, as it has the momentum of the PS4 and a promising line-up.

But Oculus Rift, given a bit of time, could be the premium VR experience of choice.”

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