1992 FMV game Night Trap is getting a re-release

A notoriously shoddy but undeniably appealingly quirky Sega CD game that uses Full Motion Video (FMV) is getting a surprise re-release on PS4 and Xbox One.

Night Trap was first released in 1992 and was notable for utilising Sega’s then flashy new disc format to offer actual video footage in-game. It was famously pulled from US shelves after becoming embroiled with the then high controversy surrounding video game violence.

While the likes of Mortal Kombat had drawn concern due to its blood and violent ‘Fatalities’, Night Trap appeared to become a target as its combination of real” people and video scares, which was seen by some as the ultimate evil media alliance that would forever rob our youth of their innocence.

In reality, however, while Night Trap was notable and innovative, as a gameplay experience it was pretty limited, and its camp acting was to be enjoyed more for the novelty than for the art.

This new release comes via Limited Run Games. There will be two different physical covers which hark back to the original releases. It is being developed by Screaming Villains. The plot sees players assuming the role of a paranormal investigator monitoring a Home Alone style boobytrapped house that is gradually claiming the lives of its female teenage inhabitants.

This new version has been granted a T (teen) rating by the ESRB in the US, which feels kinda perfect.

We’ve already had one effort to re-release the game via Kickstarter, but support appeared limited, with the project raising just $40k of its $330k goal.

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