2K shaves a quarter off the price of BioShock on iOS

As of today the iOS version of BioShock for iPhone and iPad has been cut in price.

The game was initially released for 10.49 but now costs 7.49, meaning a discount of over 25 per cent on the launch price less than a month after the game was released.

Why, you may ask? Who is to say, although there are certainly questions to be asked about the viability of premium priced games on the Apple App Store.

It remains to be seen,” Take-Two CEO and president Strauss Zelnick told MCV last month of the consumer appetite for premium apps. The smartphone obviously has some limitations, due to screen size and the need for it to be a touch interface.

I’m more excited for tablets with an outside controller, and as tablets become more powerful, combined with a controller, you can certainly imagine them being a just as high quality game experience as the PC is now.”

On the other hand, 2K’s fellow iOS title Civilization Revolution 2 continues to command a 10.49 price almost three months after it was released. Can we conclude then that touch-screen friendly IP such as Civilization is fine at a higher price, and that the bigger issue is instead how badly first person shooters translate to such devices?

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