699 games kick started by Kickstarter

A total of 699 games projects have been successfully bankrolled by creative funding project Kickstarter.

The site allows creative types to pitch ideas to the public who are then able to make a monetary donation.

Of these, three potential games have raised in excess of $1m. 31 have raised between $100k and $999,999 and 120 have raised over $20k. The largest number – 351 – successfully raised between $1k and $9,999.

However, nearly twice as many games projects – 1,367 in fact – have failed to hit their funding goal. Of these 972 raised 20 per cent or less of their total goal. Ten got within 81 and 99 per cent.

In total 25,020 projects have been successfully funded across categories such as film & video, art, theatre, photography, dance, fashion, food and technology. Conversely, 31,769 projects have failed in their attempts at getting kickstarted.

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