Accessories Update: Mad Catz FREQ 9 headset and Stealth SX112 Game Grips

MCV takes a look at the best accessories heading to UK retail. This week, we FREQ out over a new Mad Catz headset and get to grips with a fresh set of Stealth controller skins

Mad Catz FREQ 9 Wireless Surround Headset

Mad Catz has bolstered its headset range with a new flagship model in its FREQ line of products.

The FREQ 9 claims to be compatible with nearly any audio source, including PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. It connects via a 3.5mm audio jack and also by using Bluetooth technology.

A wireless adapter box (included) converts sound to Bluetooth and beams the data directly to the headset. AptX technology is utilised to reduce hiss and latency, making the quality much closer to that of a wired source.

This high-quality audio is provided by 50mm neodymium drivers, with AM3D audio support used to turn standard stereo sound into more immersive surround sound – ideal for competitive gamers looking at ways to boost their in-game performance.

Featuring a hidden boom-less microphone, the FREQ 9 can be used to both chat online in multiplayer games and take handsfree calls from a smartphone.

In addition to this, the FREQ 9 boasts digitally-controlled Active Noise Cancellation (D-ANC). This feature lets the wearer reduce unwanted background noise, meaning quieter audio can be heard. The noise cancellation works alongside Binaural Monitoring, which monitors ambient audio and allows users to turn on a ‘listen-through’ mode in order to once again hear outside of the headset.

The FREQ 9 comes with a companion app for Android and iOS, allowing users to activate features on their headset and track battery level via their phone.

RRP: 299

Release Date: January 2015

Distributor: Entatech

Contact:0333 101 1000

Stealth SX112 Game Grips for Xbox One

Peripherals manufacturer Accessories 4 Technology has brought its range of Stealth controller grip add-ons to Microsoft’s latest console.

The Stealth SX112 Game Grips for Xbox One pack contains two game grips, which add improved friction to the sides of the Xbox One pad.

Four thumb grips are also included, which specifically aim to boost the level of control offered by the controller’s two analogue sticks.

The six included jackets are moulded from silicone, which is utilised to enhance grip and control during long gaming sessions, or while playing particularly fast-paced titles that require precision.

A4T claims that the entire controller will be improved using the skins, without any control buttons, triggers or the pad’s battery area being restricted by the add-ons.

In addition to boosting players’ gaming performance, the rubber pieces double up as protection for the controller, providing resistance against scuffs and scratches. With gamers wishing to safeguard their high-tech investment, this is a must.

RRP: 9.99

Release Date: January 30th

Distributor: Advantage

Contact: 0121 506 9585

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