Accessories Update: Venom Wireless Vibration XT+ Headset and Orb Xbox One Controller Dock

MCV takes a look at the best accessories heading to UK retail. This week, Venom’s wireless vibration headset shakes up the market and Orb charges ahead with its Xbox One controller dock

Venom Wireless Vibration XT+ Headset

Venom has launched a wireless version of its popular XT+ gaming headset.

The Wireless Vibration XT+ headset offers the same features as the original XT+.

These include 40mm speaker drivers and additional 30mm vibration speaker drivers, which provide higher quality audio and utilise Venom’s vibration technology for a more immersive experience.

The Wireless XT+ connects via optical connectors, and is plug and play – meaning no additional drivers are required. The headset has a wireless range of up to 10m.

Compatible with all titles that support chat during multiplayer game modes, the headset boasts a noise-reducing microphone positioned on an adjustable boom, which cuts out background noise for a better level of clarity when communicating with friends and teammates.

A fully adjustable cushioned headband and ear cups are included to increase comfort when playing for long periods of time.

The ear cups also feature built-in controls for audio and vibration sensitivity adjustments.

A neon LED light is displayed on the exterior of the headset to show power status.

The Wireless Vibration XT+ headset is suitable for use with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC and Mac.

RRP: 49.99

Release Date: Out Now

Distributor: Venom

Contact: 01763 284 181

Orb Xbox One Controller Charge Dock and Battery Pack

Accessories specialist Orb has released a brand new peripheral aimed at Xbox One owners.

The twin charge cradle is designed to neatly house two Xbox One controllers, as well as providing easy charging.

The standard Xbox One pad requires AA batteries as it doesn’t include an integrated rechargeable battery.

However, two rechargeable batteries for Xbox One controllers are included with Orb’s dock, meaning playerswill no longer have to purchase fresh batteries every time their pad runs out of charge.

The dock is styled in a black colour scheme, to match the Xbox One console.

A strip light runs around the bottom of the accessory, with split red and green lights signifying which controlleris currently charging, or fully charged.

An included USB cable provides power to the peripheral, with the controllers able to charge while the Xbox One console is in standby mode.

The dock will automatically halt charging when both the batteries in both controllers are fully recharged.

RRP: 17.99

Release Date: Out Now

Distributor: Orb Accessories


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