Ad vans reach over 30,000 gamers

A fleet of vans with exterior screens have promoted games to tens of thousands of consumers across UK cities.

The vehicles were most recently used to advertise Disney Universe where they were active every Friday and weekend from in the run up to Christmas. Since November they achieved an opportunity-to-see rate of 4,000 per city over an eight-hour period.

Outdoor advertising company Video Game Media (VGM) says each passer-by had an average dwell time of six minutes at the vans.

With our interactive Digiadvans we can target gamers on city centre pavements, retail parks, cinema and leisure complex car parks or even in their own street,” VGM’s head of business development and strategy Scott Anthony told MCV. We create campaigns that grab attention, whilst also allowing people to interact with games on a personal level, trying them out live on the High Street.

The vehicles can cover a number of locations in one day and with a fleet of 10 Digiadvans we can run simultaneous national or European campaigns.”

The vans have advertised several games in the past including Disney Universe, WWE ’12, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011, Rock Band, DJ Hero and Disney High School Musical 3. They will also promote UFC Undisputed 3 and potentially a big upcoming release for Sega.

VGM says it can provide touch-screen, motion-sensing and augmented reality interfaces, and promote games close to stores.

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