AGE RATINGS: GAME & HMV commit to ‘law’

The GAME Group has told MCV that it is committed to current age classification symbols – and will stick to its policy of preventing inappropriate material being sold to children.

HMV has joined GAME in committing to the current ‘law’.

The firm’s comments come after today’s news that a loophole has emerged, whereby retailers caught profiting from selling adult games and movies to children face no legal penalty, due to a Government blunder.

The mistake arose because the Home Office failed to notify the European Commission of the existence of the Video Recordings Act in 1984.

Terry Scicluna, COO for GAME Group UK and Ireland, said:

Age ratings are very important because they help us give customers clear advice about the wide range of games that we sell.

Today’s development doesn’t change our approach, and we’ll continue to enforce age ratings in all of our stores.

We have strong procedures in place, and our store teams have worked very hard over the years to enforce the law. It’s not always an easy job, and I’m proud of what they have achieved.

We are big supporters of the new PEGI system, which will bring increased clarity and legal support, and we look forward to its implementation as soon as possible.

An HMV spokesperson added: We are committed to responsible selling, and will continue to merchandise games in line with trading standards and Industry best practise.”

The comments come after ELSPA, Codemasters and ERA all spoke out on the Government blunder.

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