Borderlands 2 trailer shows off PhysX capabilities

Part of the Nvidia and Borderlands 2 cross-promotion involves heavy implementation of PhysX technology in the PC version of Gearbox’s upcoming role-playing shooter, and a new trailer released today shows the full extent of PhysX implementation in the game.

From cloth fluttering in the wind and metallic enemies slumping to the ground believably, to more devastating explosions and increased particle effects, the trailer makes a strong argument for playing Borderlands 2 on a PhysX-enabled graphics card.

Nvidia recently unveiled the mid-range GTX 660 Ti graphics card and several graphics card manufacturers, including Zotac, are bundling a copy of Borderlands 2 with the 660 Ti.

A new graphic released today by E-Xpress Interactive, the game’s Indian distributor, shows the difference in the game’s performance when maxed out on the 660 Ti as compared to older GPUs. The new card manages to achieve 78 fps, compared to 45 fps on the GTX 470.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pithford said recently that Borderlands 2 was indeed best played on the PC.

The PC version is the best version of the game. It offers the opportunity to have the highest fidelity and the best looking graphics, depending on your hardware. It’s also the most diverse in terms the wide spectrum of hardware supported. There’s lots of customisation options, lots of graphics options, and it’s way better than Borderlands 1 on the PC. There’s native mouse-keyboard support for everything, inlcuing drag-and-drop support for the inventory.”

Zotac has released the GTX 660 Ti at Rs 24,000, with the AMP! Edition priced at Rs 26,000. Both come with a download voucher for Borderlands 2, which releases for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on 21st September.

Check out the Borderlands 2 PhysX trailer below.

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