Can Batman be 3Ds killer app?

Nintendo isn’t the only company eyeing innovative new 3D games technology.

The firm behind the 3D elements in last Friday’s re-release of Batman: Arkham Asylum says its cheaper technology can drive rapid acceptance of games with added on-screen depth elements.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition hits today, and includes a set of new challenge maps on the disc – but most importantly it features an integrated 3D mode with two pairs of colour-tinted glasses in the box.

The game uses French studio Darkworks’ TriOviz’s 3D SDK. Unlike other 3D systems it doesn’t require an expensive TV – one of the current barriers around 3D content in the home.

The team behind the tech say it’s a decent compromise between consumer demand for 3D content and what gamers and the industry can afford.

There are all types of people wanting to get into 3D,” said Grady Hannah, business development director at the studio.

Currently we are interested in working with those extending their brand. But once we’ve done that and got over the perception issues around 3D, the industry can start thinking about original content.”

Darkworks’ product and innovation manager Alexis Arragon added: Hardly any consumers have those expensive 3D TV sets – this is a good first step before that.

For publishers, developers and players, Batman: Arkham Asylum will be the first easy step into 3D. And once more and more people start playing in 3D and watching content in 3D, they will want more.”

TriOviz’s glasses feature patented magenta and green tint lenses in order to minimise colours being washed out on-screen. Cardboard versions can be manufactured to insert in game boxes.

But Darkworks is also looking at producing more durable plastic pairs that can be released and bundled with DLC codes.

That’s a great way for publishers and retailers to earn more and make extra revenue,” said Hannah.

Our 3D functions can be easily patched into a game via download so there are lots of ways the industry and consumers can experience 3D.”

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