Canadians suffer video game RRP increase

The price of new video games appears to have been hiked in Canada.

HardcoreGamer reports that publishers have upped the price of new releases from $69.99 CAD to $74.99 CAD. The increase comes less than a year after Canadian game prices were raised $5 from $64.99 CAD.

The change is likely due to the currency’s falling price against the US dollar. $74.99 CAD is about equal to the US game RRP of $59.99.

The new price has been implemented at Amazon and EB Games Canada.

Before you post out the sympathy cards, however, note that $74.99 CAD equates to just 39 here in the UK, where new releases can cost as much as 55 or even 60 on day one – although savvy buyers can often find titles for 40-45 (or, on PC, even as low as 20-30) if they shop around online a little.

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