China to greenlight nationwide console sales after Shanghai trial success

The sale of games consoles is to be rolled out across the whole of China, it is claimed.

Bloomberg reports that the trial period of selling console’s in the Shanghai free trade zone has been deemed a success, and local governments have now been instructed to draft rules to facilitate the sale of games hardware nationwide.

China’s 14-year console sales ban was lifted in January, leading to a rush from console makers to get their hardware to market.

Microsoft successfully launched the Xbox One in the region and enjoyed strong launch numbers, although reports suggest sales have subsequently tailed off somewhat.

Sony, on the other hand, has yet to get PS4 onto Chinese shelves, having delayed its launch in the region just days ahead of its proposed January launch.

The cause for the delay has yet to be revealed, although speculation suggests officials were not happy that the console was region free, opening the doors to Chinese gamers polluting their minds with non-authorised Western filth.

Nintendo, meanwhile, has alluded to its interest in the region but nothing has yet come to fruition.

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