Consumers want to sell their digital games, claims new survey

Gamers around the world want to be able to buy and sell their digital games.

According to a new survey conducted by WorldPay, 65 per cent of consumers would like the chance to sell their games just like they can a physical product.

China is the country that has called on this change the most, with 82 per cent of those surveyed wishing to sell their digital content. Interestingly only 49 per cent of UK respondents said they want to sell their download games. The UK has a huge pre-owned market for physical goods.

57 per cent of those surveyed were interested in buying second-hand digital games.

There’s plenty more in the digital report, too, which has survey 11,483 digital consumers around the world.

69 per cent of consumers said that they are buying more online simply because their local High Street store has closed.

Meanwhile, a huge 81 per cent of consumers said that all digital content they buy should be accessible across all the devices they own – including tablets, PCs, smartphones and consoles. 84 per cent said they wished that when they bought a game on one console, they had the rights to own it on other devices. So if they had FIFA on Xbox 360, they should be able to play it on their PS3 as well.

It’s a step beyond recent proposals Microsoft made about Xbox One. The original Xbox One business model meant that a game could be played upon multiple consoles just by buying it once. Although this was only other Microsoft platforms and would not include, for instance, PlayStation 4.

In terms of the UK, the study reveals that most digital games are bought using a debit card and that 38 per cent of UK consumers buy digital products over physical ones.

Meanwhile, the no.1 complaint from UK customers when buying online is remembering passwords.

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