DayZ creator has no desire to bring game to retail

The standalone version of popular zombie mod DayZ will not be coming to retail, it seems.

The game’s creator, Dean Hall, is currently working with Arma II developer Bohemia Interactive on a standalone version of the Arma II mod that has taken the indie PC games scene by storm.

But far from seeking a big-name publisher, Hall seems determined to keep his project as far away from the publishing sector as possible.

We don’t see our product at retail. We don’t need money. So then we don’t need marketing. People don’t want to see ‘DayZ: brought to you by x-brand’,” Hall told VG247.

These publishers are in danger of being irrelevant. When we had a lot of publishers come to us with the DayZ project and say, ‘we want to be involved’, I had to say to them, ‘well, what will you provide?’ They said money, marketing, retail placement and all of that.”

Hall goes on to predict significant changes in the existing games distribution channels.

All I know is that there will be more rapid, huge change,” he added. But I think everyone in the development side of it needs to take a good hard look, especially if Sony and Microsoft say, ‘we want to focus on innovation’. If I were them I’d be looking at Steam going, ‘woah’. Steam makes it oh-so-easy for developers.”

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