Dead Island: Riptide gets discounted RRP due to "end of console cycle"

Deep Silver’s zombie sequel Dead Island: Riptide will have a discounted RRP due to it being the end of a console cycle”.

The standard console new release RRP for console software in North America is $59.99. Riptide, however, will retail for $49.99. That most likely equates to a 39.99 RRP in the UK and a possible 34.99 price on the High Street.

That’s not a placeholder,” Deep Silver’s Aubrey Norris told Ripten when asked about the $49.99 price. That’s the real price!It’s the end of a console cycle – we think this price makes a lot more sense given that.”

When taking the wider context of the game industry into context, there’s little doubt that high-price console software is going to come under increasing pressure.

In the age of 69p iPhone apps and free-to-play 3D PC titles, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pitch 49.99 titles to consumers.

However, the thirst for triple-A gaming is not going away. What’s more likely in the future is the rise of lower-RRP console titles with revenue then supplemented by post-release DLC.

Oh, and the possible eradication of the pre-owned market, of course!

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