Digital copies of Dirt 3 stolen

Codes for an estimated three million copies of Codemasters racer Dirt 3 have been accessed and illegally distributed online.

Kotaku reports that a promotion from graphics card manufacturer AMD was offering free copies of the game to anyone who purchased one of their graphics cards.

However, the 3m Steam codes put aside on Codemasters server were reportedly accessed and subsequently published online. At this point anyone was free to grab one, enter it into Steam and receive a free copy of the game.

Of course, there’s a big caveat here – presuming Codemasters and Valve have a record of the codes, those who redeemed them will be very easy to trace.

Should the pair choose to blocking the game will be as simple as flicking a switch. There’s also the scope for possible Steam bans.

UPDATED: MCV has been informed that the server from which the codes were obtained was run by AMD and not Codemasters.

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