EB Games to scrap distinction between new and used games

Canadian retailer EB Games has reportedly done away with the distinction between new and pre-owned games.

Kotaku claims to have word that store workers have been told that used games sections will be eliminated”, that used game relay materials can be discarded” and that used games will be shelved with new copies and stickered with the same white price labels”.

Furthermore, it’s said that employees have been asked that when both new and used stock of any given title is in stock, the pre-owned versions are to be placed at the front of the rack.

A second tipster confirmed the rumours, saying: They told us that the new copy must be on the very bottom of the pile and the used ones stacked on top and that we were to change.

Huge problems with this will of course be with the online code games. Generic_Customer_01 will grab the top copy of NHL 12, go home, and not be able to play online.

There are also MANY games where the new copy is as cheap as $19.99 but the used copies stacked on top of it are $34.99. It is also a nightmare to find anything anymore.”

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