EB Games votes for a national classification system

EB Games has told MCV that it believes a national classification system like the rest of the entertainment industry is best for Australia.

After the Australian state and territory Attorneys-General reached an ‘in principle agreement’ last month to introduce an R18+ classification, problems began to arise concerning the ability for individual states and territories to implement the rating in different ways. Some states are already indicating that they intended to deviate from the course by either abolishing the MA15+ category or altering the guidelines for both.

Debra McGrath, EB Games national brand and marketing manager, told MCV: "A national classification system, as it exists in other entertainment industries, is the best solution for the implementation of R18+. We look forward to making the necessary changes required to properly implement the R18+ classification on a national level."

The likelihood of an ubiquitous national shceme, however, is quite low, and the logistical issue surrounding a state-by-state implementation will have to be met by all local retailers.

McGrath continues: "EB Games will follow whatever guidelines are necessary to successfully introduce R18+ and will make any changes required around logistics and distribution to support the process."

"This is a massive step forward for the Australian Gaming Industry and the greater Australian consumer. EB Games are proud to have helped our customers have their say."

EB Games helped the process, with over 46’000 submissions being made during the campaign for an R18+ rating.

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