Firewatch sold 500k in its first month, recouped dev costs in one day

Publisher Panic has expressed its gratitude for the way in which the video games community has made its recent narrative adventure title Firewatch such a great success.

The company has revealed that in its first month Campo Santo’s game sold around 500,000 full-price units. Furthermore, it recouped the money spent on its development in its first day alone.

Of course we wanted to make the best possible game we could, but we also had made an investment we really hoped to recoup,” the studio said. We’re so grateful. And relieved. But mostly grateful.

One thing that I’d like to appreciate for a moment: the nice people at Sony and Valve who helped us throughout. There were a lot of unexpected bumps — a surprise Steam sale during our launch, the delicate business of navigating Sony certification — but the people behind both of these companies were extremely helpful and supportive, not to mention excited about our game.”

The studio previously stated that sales had surpassed its wildest expectations”.

Also revealed is that the title’s in-game real-world photo ordering service has so far shipped out over 1,000 $15 sets.

Campo Santo has also pledged to keep supporting the title going forwards.

The best thing you can do is be on the ball after launch, read tweets, read forums, work overtime, and fix the majority of the friction points as quickly as possible. So we fixed bugs. We watched streams for bugs. We read countless forum posts for bugs. And everybody at Campo Santo worked like crazy to make things even better,” it added.

For example, a lot of people weren’t happy with the game’s performance on PlayStation 4, so the team cranked and quickly pushed out a PS4 patch that dramatically improved the PS4 experience.

And the great thing: we’re not quite done. We’re still fixing bugs. And we’re still working on ways to improve performance all across the board, including on PlayStation 4 and the Mac. There’s more to come.”

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