Flipkart increases PC game prices to Rs 1,499; distributors respond

Hot on the heels of our confirmation that EA is planning to increase PC game prices in India, the country’s biggest games retailer, Flipkart, has raised prices of forthcoming non-EA games.

Ubisoft titles Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Splinter Cell: Blacklist are all now listed at Rs 1,499, up from the publisher’s standard price of Rs 999. The same hike has also applied to Batman: Arkham Origins.

All the above games are distributed by E-Xpress Interactive in India. We contacted both E-Xpress and Flipkart, and we’ve been told that while these are not the final prices for these games, prices will rise from Rs 999 on account of the free-falling Rupee.

Flipkart has also updated its prices for Call of Duty: Ghosts – Rs 4,099 on Xbox 360/PS3 and Rs 3,499 on PC – a substantial increase from last year. These are again tentative prices, and distributor WWCD ROMs has told us that these prices could go up further if the Rupee doesn’t claw its way back.

WWC also told us that it’s planning a console-only launch of Deadpool in India about a month after its global release. The game is out now internationally.

Flipkart has confirmed that those who pre-ordered the above Ubisoft games and Arkham Origins at Rs 999 will not be asked to pay more, and if the price does end up lower than Rs 1,499, those preordering at this price will be refunded the balance.

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