Flipkart’s best selling games of 2013

As another year comes to an end, it’s the same franchise that continues to dominate sales at India’s biggest games retailer, Flipkart.

Grand Theft Auto 4 surprisingly the best selling game of 2012, but this year’s winner was a no-brainer – Grand Theft Auto 5.

GTA5 for the PS3 came out on top in the overall charts, but the Xbox 360 version failed to make the top 10. In fact, there wash’t a single top-ten selling Xbox 360 game this year.

Last year’s winner, GTA 4, refuses to go away, slotting in at 2, and a third GTA game – San Andreas, makes it in at 10.

The list does hold a few surprises – The Last of Us outsold Assassin’s Creed IV (at least on the dominant platform).

FIFA 14 for PC is the only EA release of the year to make the top ten, with the console versions missing out on account of higher prices.

Here are Flipkart’s best-sellers of 2013:

Overall top 10

  1. Grand Theft Auto V – PS3
  2. Grand Theft Auto IV – PC
  3. Counter Strike: Global Offensive – PC
  4. FIFA 14 – PC
  5. The Last Of Us – PS3
  6. Max Payne 3 – PC
  7. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – PC
  8. WWE 13 – PS3
  9. FIFA 13 – PC
  10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – PC

PC top 5

  1. Grand Theft Auto IV
  2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  3. FIFA 14
  4. Max Payne 3
  5. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

PS3 top 5

  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  2. FIFA 14
  3. The Last Of Us
  4. WWE 13
  5. Max Payne 3

Xbox 360 top 5

  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  2. Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection
  3. FIFA 14
  4. WWE 13
  5. FIFA 13

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