G2A accuses TinyBuild of ‘unjustified demands’

The war of words between TinyBuild and G2A.com has significantly intensified, with the retailer rebutting the studio’s recent accusations.

TinyBuild this week claimed that it had lost in the region of $450k worth of revenue to keys illicitly sold through the G2A marketplace.

Before TinyBuild reached out to G2A, we identified more than 200 TinyBuild product auctions on the G2A Marketplace and suspended all of them because they violated G2A T&Cs,” the retailer said. The original source of this case goes back to March 22nd of 2016. The official TinyBuild Twitter account posted a tweet containing unreliable information regarding the piracy rates of their latest title Punch Club.

Naturally our representatives reached out. Many unjustified demands were made by TinyBuild regarding the removal of G2A marketplace merchant stock from the marketplace and compensation for their estimated value of products. All questions asked of G2A were answered.

All G2A asked, was to cooperate with TinyBuild to rectify the issue, which is the list of the keys they deemed without any verification, as stolen. Only then can G2A compare these keys against the confidential G2A marketplace database and report those findings back to TinyBuild.

Unfortunately TinyBuild never came back with the answers to resolve the issue. The question the gaming industry should be asking is, why did TinyBuild never come back to us with a list of codes that should be taken down from the G2A’s Marketplace?”

G2A also questioned TinyBuild’s $450k estimate as that’s based on the game’s full RRP – a price that is often discounted.

TinyBuild should connect back with us and provide us with the list of suspicious keys for further investigation,” the retailer requested. Thereafter, G2A will be happy to publicly release the results of the investigation of this case with TinyBuild. G2A calls for TinyBuild to provide their list of suspicious keys within three days from the date of this transmission.”

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