GAME admits some Fallout 4 orders not ready for launch

Many customers who have been unable to contact GAME’s customer services concerning their botched Fallout 4 orders will not be receiving the game today.

It was revealed last Friday that a number of customers who had pre-ordered the coveted Pip-Boy Edition of the game had seen their orders cancelled after an alleged payment problem.

Having subsequently assured those affected that their games were safe and sound, GAME then urged them to contact customer services to resolve issue. However, there have been many, many reports of gamers spending hours on the phone without being able to reach an advisor, and lots have not yet received the calls they have been promised by the retailer, either.

All of which means many customers have woken up on release day with no hope of their order being fulfilled.

As we have previously communicated to those customers affected, we have been unable to process some orders for Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition due to their bank/PayPal not allowing payment to go through,” GAME said on Facebook.

Since Friday, our customer service team has been working hard to contact those customers who had their payments rejected by their bank/PayPal. We have been taking updated details from those customers and re-ordering their Pip-Boy Edition, in time for release day. We have reached lots of customers since Friday and if you have replaced your order with us by phone today before 15:30 then your order was processed and dispatched today.

We’re really sorry if you have already contacted us about your order, and we have not been able to speak to you. There are a number of customers we have not yet been able to call and we have contacted them via email this evening.

We would ask that if you have not been able to replace your order by phone yet, don’t worry your order is still reserved and being held for you in our distribution centre. We want to assure you that we are working through your requests and will get to your order as soon as we possibly can to ensure you receive your Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition.”

GAME has made the Paypal excuse before, but there are reports (here and here, for example) that Paypal itself has said that GAME never attempted to take the payments it claimed were rejected.

This fiasco is sadly not uncommon for GAME, which in recent week has suffered significant problems for launches including Metal Gear Solid V and Super Mario Maker.

UPDATE: It also seems that some customers whose payment was processed successfully STILL won’t receive the game today.

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