GAME: Guitar Hero and Rock Band can win over hardcore and casual players

The CEO of GAME is excited about the imminent return of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, because these games appeal to so many different gamers.

Martyn Gibbs’ comments follows that of GameStop’s international boss, who told MCV last year that ‘now is a good time for Guitar Hero to come back’.

Rock Band 4 was announced for Xbox One and PS4 by developer Harmonix last month, while this week Activision unveiled Guitar Hero Live for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and smartphones .

Guitar Hero and Rock Band were enormous within the industry and then sort of fizzled out. Do I feel that they deserve to not be around? No, not at all,” Gibbs told MCV. They just need real key thoughts on how they are positioned and what type of gamers would want to play those types of games.”

He added: When you look back on Guitar Hero and Rock Band, those customers traversed a lot of different segments. They were core gamers as well as casual gamers – they were FIFA players, but they were Call of Duty guys as well. It was the one product category that seemed to traverse various different segments.”

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