GAME: ‘It’s foolhardy to fear digital’

GAME insists it has nothing to fear from digital retailers after backing Xbox Live, PSN and streamingservice OnLive.

CEO Ian Shepherd dismissed the notion that he was giving away customers to these digital rivals by promoting them, and reiterated the firm’s strategy to become more than just a retailer.

We’re moving away from just being a bricks and mortar retailer and into a multi-channel CRM business,” he told MCV.Three and half million people walk into our stores every week, millions of people look at our websites, and our role is to take content and make it famous. OnLive wascoming to the UK, it wanted to have its products presented to as many customers as possible, and we are a natural partner to help it do that.

We have gone out of our way to make ourselves a friend of the digital company.”

When asked if he was worried about giving customers away to digital he said: That is a foolhardy view for a retailer to take. You don’t hold on to your customers by not showing them the very best the games industry has to offer.

My point about saying we are a CRM business rather an a retailer, is not that we don’t like operating stores, it is just that our role is to take content and present it to customers. And that means we have no fear of browser, mobile or casual gaming, we see those as opportunities.”

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