GAME teases PC on-demand service

Sony might not be the only firm planning to introduce its own cloud gaming service.

In the wake of Sony’s PlayStation Now announcement, GAME has hinted that it could move into the game streaming market, before telling MCV that it hopes to be involved with PlayStation Now.

I’m not going to rule anything in or out right now,” said Ian Chambers, chief digital officer at GAME.

What I will say is that if you look back across the past 18 months, you’ll see that GAME has a history of innovating. Whether it’s our lock-in series, our award-winning app, our m-commerce site, our Get Gaming Quicker service or our new digital infrastructure, we’ve shown we understand what gaming communities want and that we are capable of delivering this for them.”

However, the retailer says it plans to fully support PlayStation Now as part of its wider digital offering.

We view it very much as an opportunity. Since the launch of subscriptions to services offered by Microsoft and Sony, GAME has been fundamental to their success,” added Chambers.

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