GAME warns of potential VR stock shortages

Virtual reality headsets won’t be available in console-like numbers at launch.

That’s according to GAME, which said today that demand could well outstrip supply.

"We are very well [versed in] dealing with products in high demand and low stock, and we would assume that virtual reality will fall into that category," CEO Martyn Gibbs said, as reported by Videogamer. "So I don’t think you should assume that there will be millions of units available from day one.

If you want one I would get one quick, because we’re seeing some trajectory of stock input into the market will be as fast as they can be manufactured. But you’re not going to see a build like Xbox One and PS4. There just won’t be the stock available."

Gibbs was also coy on how VR games are to be sold. It’s not yet known whether games for HTC Vive or Oculus Rift (or even PlayStation VR, for that matter) will be sold physically. The exec did say that GAME had some insight into the issue, but added that NDAs prevented it from expanding on the subject.

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