GameFly describes Xbox One U-turn as "a win/win for consumers"

Digital retailer GameFly has welcomed Microsoft’s Xbox One U-turn.

"I always felt good about the future of GameFly, but I feel better today," GameFly co-founder and SVP of business development Sean Spector told Joystiq.

"Today is a win/win for consumers, as well as GameFly. I think choice is always important and now consumers have more choice. And I give [Microsoft] credit for listening to their consumers.

"I think the original proposal would have been detrimental to lots of people’s [business] systems. Not just GameFly. And, most importantly, gamers. Based on what I’ve read today, which is all I know today, it’s business as usual for Xbox. Their statement is really cut and dry."

There has been a positive reaction from other members of retail, too.

GameStop UK this morning emailed its entire customer base with the full version of the statement Microsoft issued last night, followed simply by a link to the console’s pre-order page.

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