GameStop introduces pre-owned PowerPass rental service

Retailer GameStop has sort of just become a Blockbuster for games.

Kotaku reports that its new PowerPass program offers a six-month membership program for $60. Once signed up, members can pick up games from the retailer’s pre-owned library and play them for as long as they want.

There’s no limit on how many games can be rented in the period, although users are restricted to having one game at a time. Furthermore, once the six months come to an end, members get to choose one game to keep for good.

Selections are limited to pre-owned titles found in a physical store and not those found in GameStop’s sizable online inventory, which potentially limits the selection a little.

PowerPass will kick off in the US on November 19th. Mashable reports that despite other reports, PowerPass membership does not require a separate Power-Up Rewards subscription, which would otherwise be an additional cost on top.

EB Games in Australia offers a similar scheme called Swap ‘n’ Play, which launched earlier this year.

How much appetite there is for a physical games rental service remains to be seen. Certainly, though, for certain demographics you can imagine it being very appealing. In terms of value for money it seems potentially brilliant, particularly if you’re able to plough your way through plenty of titles.

Also questionable is PowerPass’s long-term viability, with the increasing shift to digital putting limits both on the demand for physical and the available supply of physical games.

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