GameStop: Next-gen consoles WON’T block pre-owned

Industry insight or wishful thinking? Global games retail giant GameStop believes that the PS4 and Xbox 720 won’t incorporate pre-owned blocking technology.

Since the turn of the year separate rumours have suggested that both the Next Xbox and the PS4 would utilise methods to either prevent gamers from playing games that they purchased second-hand or severely limit the functionality of pre-owned titles.

However, Gamasutra reports that in an investor meeting with Baird Equity Research GameStop has asserted that both machines will support used games, with no systems in place to lock out used game sales”.

Of course, even if the consoles arrive with no pre-owned blocks then retail might still find the next generation increasingly challenging.

Platform holders are expected to increase the focus placed on digital releases, with both day and date digital releases alongside retail and more aggressive pricing.

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