GameStop reveals Vita memory card pricing

We’re yet to hear what Sony’s official pricing strategy for its new PlayStation Vita memory cards will be in the UK, but if the US and Japanese pricing is anything to go by they’re not going to be cheap.

US retailer GameStop (as reported by the similarly titles consumer games site GameSpot) has game live with its pricing.

It’s charging $29.99 for the 4GB card, $44.99 for 8GB, $69.99 for the 16GB and $119.99 for the 32GB card. The pricing in Japan is as follows – 2,200 (4GB), 3,200 (8GB), 5,500 (16GB) and 9,500 (32GB).

Taking into account how the UK market more often than not ends up paying more for such things, this points at UK RRPs of around 20(4GB), 30 (8GB), 50 (16GB) and 80 (32GB).

The pricing looks at its worst when compared to how much the equivalent memory would cost in the more common SD format. Here, 4GB cards can be found for around 3, 8GB for 5, 16GB for 10 and 32G for just 20.

Though of course, premium versions are to be had for those with a suitably fat wallet.

‘Full’ Vita games themselves are said to be roughly between 2GB and 4GB in size, so those intending to download the system’s premium titles will find their memory card bills quickly racking up.

Of course, they will also have the option of buying the titles on dedicated cards at retail.

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