GameStop stops offering console bundles with download codes

The largest American High Street games retailer will now only sell console bundles that include physical copies of games.

It is common nowadays for hardware bundles to include download codes instead of physical games. However, Giant Bomb reports that the retailer in a recent conference call outlined its new physical bundle policy, confirming that it had "worked with Sony, Microsoft, and EA" to ensure its hardware bundles conformed to the new policy.

COO Tony Bartel even went as far as to warn to should platform holders continue to include digital games in their bundles, GameStop would shift to offering third party physical bundles” instead of the official SKUs.

Why is GameStop doing this? It hasn’t said, but many speculate it’s because consumers can trade-in used physical copies of games, and that the proliferation of digital software is stifling the supply of lucrative physical pre-owned stock.

It could also be that it is responding to consumer demand. Many internet connections still make the downloading of a 20, 30 or 40GB file a really time-consuming chore. Having a physical disc allows buyers to get stuck into the action faster.

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