Google search downranking dents major torrent site traffic

A new search algorithm implemented by Google last week has seen the traffic on some major torrent sites more than halve.

TorrentFreak reports that sites that have received high numbers of copyright takedown requests have now been demoted in Google’s search results. The result is that a number of the bigger torrent sites have seen their traffic severely impacted” by the changes.

The change is far more stark than any introduced in previous algorithm changes.

It is claimed, however, that in some instances the results linking to the larger torrent sites are simply being replaced with links to lesser known sites that have not yet been hit with DMCA takedown requests.

Presumably these will in time be demoted as they gain popularity and their places taken by lesser known sites. And so on and so fourth.

Many UK internet service providers now voluntarily block access to larger torrent sites. Savvy surfers can of course circumvent these measures but they are presumably still more effective than the grumpy letters ISPs will soon be required to send to alleged pirates.

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