High price rumoured for Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 780; Possible release this month

Do you want the good or the bad news?

Ok, the good then. Remember the rumours last month that Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 700 series graphics cards wouldn’t be released until 2014? Well, it looks now like they may have been incorrect.

And quite wildly incorrect too. Word on the street now suggests that the GTX 700 line will actually be released this month, although there’s been no official confirmation.

Ready for the bad news? The top of the GTX 780 will not cost the rumoured 400 that had been suggested. In fact, Tom’s Hardware reports that it may be priced in line with Nvidia’s Titan GPU which currently has an RRP of 800 (although many retailers are charging as much as 1,000).

That’s because it’s said to be based on the same GK110 silicon found inside Titan. And if true, where does that leave the Titan itself? Will Nvidia continue to support a card that fails to fall in line with its typical tiered GPU strategy?

Rival AMD recently launched its new top-of-the-line GPU, the Radeon HD 7990. It is not expected to launch the 8000 series cards in Q4 2013.

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