Hitman’s physical release pushed back to 2017

The physical version of Square Enix’s new Hitman won’t be released until next year.

The boxed release had been due out before the end of the year, but the publisher has told Videogamer that it has been delayed – although the reason has not been specified.

Hitman is released digitally tomorrow. Or at least, the first part is.

March 11st will see the release of the game’s first mission, set in Paris. This alone can be had for 11.99 on consoles or 10.99 on PC. From there, a further six episodes will be released throughout the year, available at 7.99 a piece. Alternatively, those who bought the first episode can upgrade to the whole lot for 36.99.

If all of that sounds like too much faff, the complete thing can be purchased for 44.99 on consoles or 39.99 on PC, with buyers able to access the rest of the game’s content as and when it’s released.

Hitman had originally been scheduled for 2015 release.

UPDATE: Io has given the following reason for the delay to Videogamer:

"This year is all about delivering the best episodic experience for Hitman and that takes us to Autumn/Fall. Releasing the disc version in January just makes sure we have enough time after the season concludes to dedicate to getting the best disc version of the game out."

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