Sixth iteration of indie bundle gets smallest return since second offering

Humble Bundle 6 closes at $2m

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 closed today, selling over 300,000 to raise over $2 million for indie developers and charity.

This may be a lot by Kickstarter standards, but it’s the lowest sales have been since Humble Bundle 3 kicked sales up to over $2.1 million.

Humble Bundle V was certainly a tough act to follow after it raised over $5.1 million from nearly 600,000 purchases at an average donation of $8.53.

Though some saw the previous collection of games – Bastion, Amnesia, Limbo, Sword&Sworcery, Braid, Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor, and Psychonauts- as a bit of a departure from the usually humble offering, Humble Bundle 6 returned to the old pattern of mixing a few hits in amongst relative unknowns.

This strategy has made the Humble Bundle and indie packages like it a godsend for the developers lucky enough to get their games included in the mix.

So though the Humble Bundle may not have ceased its skyward ascent, for fans of indie developers it has done anything but disappoint.

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