Final tally for pay-what-you want collection almost double any previous offering

Humble Bundle V closes at $5m, 600k sales

The Humble Indie Bundle V has finally screeched to a halt, raising $5.1 million and selling almost 600,000 bundles.

The package defied tradition by gathering some of the highest profile indie titles of recent years, even going so far as to include Pyschonauts, a title from Tim Schafer’s studio Double Fine.

Some question whether this is a true indie bundle, as Psychonauts and Limbo were both created with the assistance of major publishers, but with IGF heavy hitters Bastion, Sword & Sworcery, Braid, Super Meatboy, Amnesia, and Lone Survivor all in the same package, fans don’t seem to care about the controversy.

What they do seem to care about is the chance to get some of the most popular and critically acclaimed titles from the indie scene at an average price of less than nine dollars; a fact that has made this the best selling bundle in the history of the platform.

The Humble Indie Bundle launched in 2010, and the first offering raised over a million dollars for charity and developers.

Since then, the package organizers have put together several themed bundles, and regular numbered releases that read like a who’s who of recent indie hits.

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