Addition of three games to blockbuster bundle sends sales through the roof

Humble Bundle V shatters records and raises $4m

The first Humble Indie Bundle shocked organizers by raising a million dollars, but the latest pay-what-you-want package has quadroupled that figure, reaching $4 million dollars in just over a week.

In fact, the blockbuster bundle broke $2 million in less than a day, and by Tuesday had become the first bundle to break $3 million.

The success of Humble Bundle V is due largely to the unprecedented collection of indie hits, gathering IGF heavyweights Sword and Sworcery, Limbo, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Bastion into the same flexibly-priced basket.

But some have noted the bundle is pushing the limits of what some might call indie by including Pyschonauts, a game developed by Tim Schafer’s team at Doublefine and published Majesco and THQ.

Fans don’t seem to mind the controversy though, and since the trinity of Super Meat Boy, Braid, and Lone Survivor were added to the set, sales have skyrocketed to nearly half a million copies.

Though it is dificult to imagine what the Humble Bundle creators have planned to follow on their success, it is certain that this once humble bundle has become a proud monument to the burgeoning indie scene.

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