Image of supposed PS4 controller prototype leaked

An image of an early prototype of the controller for the PlayStation 4 has leaked online, sporting the rumoured touchpad/touchscreen.

The image has surfaced courtesy Destructoid, which has also been told by its sources that the controller in the image is real, but it’s an early prototype. With Sony’s track record of PlayStation controller prototypes, there’s a good chance that the final PS4 controller could differ in design.

The prototype resembles the current Dualshock 3, but is wider to accommodate a touch interface between the d-pad and face buttons. The Start and Select buttons are missing.

The controller is slightly curvier in design and while the analog sticks still aren’t concave as many have requested, they do seem to have raised edges for improved grip.

The controller also appears considerable thicker than the Dualshock 3, but that could change in the final design. That said, it still appears smaller than the Xbox 360 controller.

Sony is expected to unveil the PS4 on 20th February, so we won’t have to wait long to find out what the final controller looks like.

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