IN PICTURES: GAME staff show store pride

Whatever happens to GAME, you can’t say its 6,000 UK employees didn’t put up a fight.

Hundreds of store staff lobbied MCV this week with defaced and ‘updated’ versions of our contentious March 16th cover, where we stated that the GAME that we once knew was gone.

Despite the uncertainty ahead for staff, plus a lack of new stock, GAME’s loyal workforce has pushed hard to generate as much money as possible.

GAME employees took to Twitter, Facebook and to insist the chain is far from over.

A Twitter trending topic – #saveGAME – has been running for over a week.

One store manager said: All your cover has done is spur on my team to fight as much as we can.

We’ve stuck my amended cover on the staff room door, and we continued to trade this afternoon hoping for the best. Evolution in this industry is a given, to deny it would be foolish, but is GAME gone? Has the drive ended? Definitely not.”

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